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Getting a password to provides you instant access to hundreds of pages of in-depth deck and gazebo construction information. Why settle for the type of outdated and mediocre information found on do-it-yourself websites, and in inexpensive books, when you can get access to highly researched comprehensive coverage. Written by a seasoned building contractor, our Password Area contains hundreds of pages and thousands of images to help show you how to get the job done right. Whether you're planning a project of your own design or just need help answering a few tough questions, our Password Area has the information you need.

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Three Main Areas
BestDeckSite is divided into three main areas. The "How-To" menu is the first area and covers introductory deck and gazebo information. The "Shopping" menu is the second area and has pre-packaged deck and gazebo plans that are sold separately. The third area of is password protected. This area may only be accessed by clicking "Log-In" under the "Password" menu. When you get a password to, you'll be able to instantly log into the Password Area and begin learning about how to build a deck or gazebo of your own design.

Note: The navigation menu expands when you log into the Password Area - see example below.

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  • Unsurpassed Value & Quality
    We've spent thousands of hours researching building codes, consulting with a Professional Engineer, and pouring through technical design publications to develop the content presented in the Password Area. While others will simply tell you to bolt two boards together, we'll tell you how many bolts to use, what size the bolts need to be, where to place the bolts, and the type of corrosion resistant finish to get. Our content is that detailed. We've distilled technical engineering practices into down-to-earth construction advice. When you get a password, you can rest assured you're getting absolutely the best deck and gazebo information available anywhere. Testimonials
  • Comprehensive Coverage
    Whether you're looking for information on designing for snow loads, framing for a spa, cantilevering floor joists, or want to make sure your stairs and railings meet building codes, the Password Area of has it all. To get a sense of the the quality of coverage available in our Password Area, please feel free to read through the pages under the "How-To" menu. These pages are available to all visitors and are intended to begin to look what it means to really do the job right and to give you a sense of the quality of information in the Password Area. To see a list of topics thoroughly discussed in the Password Area, look over our Password Coverage Page .
  • Easy To Use Tables & Calculators
    Our tables and on-line calculators take the guess work out of sizing lumber and framing your deck. Unlike other deck design software that falls short of correctly laying out and sizing beams, joists, posts, and footings, we've taken a different approach. Instead of trying to build a single all-encompassing calculator that doesn't account for heavy snow loads, spas, and cantilevered lumber, BestDeckSite provides individual calculators to help you complete each of the design phases with ease. Combined with step-by-step instructions, our tables and calculators can answer all your design questions. Check out the screen shots of the calculators available in the Password Area.
  • Gazebo and Deck Plans
    While the Password Area covers the construction of several different types of decks, it's primary focus is to help educate readers on how to design and build a deck or gazebo of their own creation from scratch and/or to answer important construction questions. Even if you've already purchased a set of plans, we can help fill in the missing pieces. On the other hand, if designing a project from scratch isn't your "cup of tea", BestDeckSite separately sells high-quality pre-packaged Deck Plans and Gazebo Plans.
  • Risk Free
    At BestDeckSite, we're so confident in the quality, depth and breath of coverage accessible in our Password Area that we provide an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.


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